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                  企業介紹About us
                  聯系我們Contact us
                  • 手機:13606773200
                  • 傳真:0577-64359911
                  • 郵編:325802
                  • 網址:www.www.fdqiushi.com
                  • 郵箱:fangsu@www.fdqiushi.com
                  • 13606773200@zj139.com
                  • 廠址:蒼南縣龍港雙龍塑包工業園區
                  網站首頁 > 公司介紹公司簡介
                    公司成立于2003年,廠房坐落在擁有“ 中國塑編城”之稱的蕭江鎮和擁有“中國印刷城”之稱的龍港鎮的交界地- -雙龍工業園區。
                    公司現有德國W&H熱封式方底閥口制袋機,W&H 1600L擠出涂膜復合機,Hito top電子軸8色衛星柔印機,浙江方邦電腦凹版印刷機,多層紙袋制袋機等設備。

                    Founded in 2003, our company is located in Shuanglong Industrial Park, the junction of XiaojiangTown known as the "Plastic Woven City of China" and Longgang Town known as the "Printing City ofChina".
                    Our company boasts the German-based W&H heat-sealed square bottom valve bag makingmachines, W&H16OOL extrusion coating film laminating machines, Hito top electronic axis 8-colorsatellite flexo printing machines, Zhejiang-based Fangbang computer gravure printing machines,multi-layer paper bag making machines and others.
                    Our company specializes in producing heat-sealed PP valve bags, BOPP valve bags, multi-layerpaper valve bags, paper-plastic valve bags, square bottom open bags, color-print woven bags andother high-end packaging bags. Our products are widely used in building materials, chemicals, food,feed and other fields.